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Recycling Center

Our recycling center is located behind our shop at 805 S. Haynes Ave in Miles City.
For any recycling questions, please call us at (406) 234-3740.

Eastern Montana Industries recently released recycling totals for 2013, noting that 1.8 millions pounds of materials were processed through their center during this past year. Leading the way was over 1.5 million pounds of paper products.  This is an estimated 5,300 cubic yards of landfill space and perhaps as many as 10,000 mature trees.  Other materials recycled during this past year included 43 thousand pounds  of plastics. These materials take in excess of 500 years to disintegrate after being buried in a landfill. Also recycled were 215 thousand pounds of clothing, 23 thousand pounds of aluminum and 10 thousand pounds of mixed metals.  EMI now also has a glass crusher.  We crushed more and 68 thousand pounds of glass in 2013.  This is a significant space saver in our landfill!

EMI notes that since the inception of the community recycling center in 1991 that over 27 million pounds of waste material have been diverted from the Miles City Landfill. These efforts have not only helped extend the life of the landfill, but have also made Miles City one of the "greener" communities in Montana. Since most of the materials that EMI recycles are not profitable, few other communities can offer such a wide variety of recycling services.

As a nonprofit corporation that provides vocational and residential services to adults with disabilities, EMI depends heavily upon local support for its recycling operation. Revenue generated through the sale of recycled material fluctuates widely with the world economy, and is used primarily to pay the wages of disabled workers at the center. Eastern Montana Industries always welcomes donations or other support to help cover other expenses associated with our recycling operation, including equipment repair/replacement and transportation of materials to markets. If you are interested in providing support, or are simply interested in recycling in Miles City, please give us a call at (406) 234-3740.