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How can EMI help me hire a new employee?
EMI provides employers with support in hiring and training individuals with disabilities. We can provide: the legwork to seek out job openings for individuals, help with the application process, assistance with training, and ongoing job support. We make sure that each individual we place is ready to go to work and is the right fit for the job opening. We also ensure that there will be support in place once the individuals starts the job.

We can also help the employer fill out tax forms for tax credits associated with hiring through EMI. This is part of our commitment to making the transition for the employer as easy as possible.

When employers work with EMI, they can be certain we are working hard to ensure that their business interests are looked after. 
Are there other benefits for the employer?
In addition to having our on-the-job support and help with training, most employers will qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit if they hire one of our individuals for an extended period of time. This tax credit gives employers a 40% tax deduction on up to the first $6000 of the employee's wages after meeting very reasonable guidelines. EMI will provide you with the appropriate paperwork to apply for this valuable tax deduction and help you with its preparation. 

Will I be expected to spend money on accommodations? 
Most of the time, EMI will be able to help obtain the funding if any adjustments will be necessary to place one of our individuals with your business. In the rare case those funds are not available, there are tax credits available under the Disabled Access Tax Credit.

How do we get started?
Most often, EMI will contact employers to see if they have job openings available. We will tell you about the abilities of the job candidate to see if you have a position that would provide the right fit. We will also be available to analyze your business to identify any unmet needs that we can help address. 

Are there any risks? 
Hiring an employee from EMI is no riskier than hiring someone off the street and in most cases, the risk will be much lower. We make sure that our consumers are ready to go to work and spend extensive time making sure we find a position with the right fit. We will be right there to help with training and to help you evaluate the new employee's progress. You will have a support system in place, ready to help both you and the employee.