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Vocational Services


Extended Employment


This service provides long term supports to individuals with disabilities who work in a sheltered workshop or a community based employment setting.

Vocational Evaluation

This service assesses vocational interests and capabilities of individuals referred.  The applicant is also assessed on his/her ability to retain and follow instructions, quality and quantity of work tasks completed, and physical capabilities.  An attempt is made to realistically assess the vocational potential of each individual.

Job Search Assistance


This assistance can take many forms depending on the needs of the individual referred.  Help with employment interviewing, completing job applications, developing a resume, registering with Job Service and information about job leads in the community are some of the services provided.

Job Readiness Training 

This program focuses on the individual's acquisition of positive worker traits that are common to all work environments.  These include attendance, quality and quantity of work, and a positive work attitude.  Designed as a short-term program, it incorporates competitive work sites when necessary as a training tool.

 Supported Employment

This is the process of placing people with disabilities into jobs within the community.  This is done with the assistance of a Job Coach, who learns the job, then works alongside of the individual while she/he learns and is stabilized in the job.  The Job Coach eventually fades assistance to periodic contacts to ensure continued job stability.